Mighty Musicians

for Current Arrow Students

Combat the Summer Slump!

Prepare to engage your student in music this summer and watch them become a Mighty Musician! With flexible scheduling, you don’t have to miss vacations or summer camps. Best of all, your student will have built-in motivation to stay on track with their instrument and have a blast!

Training Packages

A Training Package is a customized, structured plan for summer practice and musical engagement for students. Each student’s plan is carefully and individually put together by teachers before their first lesson, keeping students’ needs and goals in mind. As motivation, students work to achieve the highest military rank possible by the end of the summer. Ranks are achieved when musical goals are accomplished. Students will be recognized for their rank.


  • 3 individual 30-minute lessons and 1 boot camp included.
  • Piano, guitar, & ukulele; all levels
  • Tuition $150 ($125 + $25 for materials)


  • 5 individual 30-minute lessons and 1 boot camp included.
  • Piano, guitar, & ukulele; all levels
  • Tuition $220 ($190 + $30 for materials)


  • 5 individual 30-minute lessons and 1 boot camp included.
  • Piano, guitar, & ukulele; all levels.
  • Tuition $220 ($190 + $30 for materials)


  • 5 individual 30-minutes lessons and 1 rhythm boot camp included.
  • Students entering 4th – 7th grade
  • Students must have access to a drum kit
  • Tuition $220 ($190 + $30 for materials)


Teachers will customize a summer plan for your student, tailored to each student’s needs and goals, and assign those songs and scales to your student’s Piano Maestro account. Students then work independently on this plan through their Piano Maestro iPad app on your piano at home.

This package, offered for piano students Levels 3 and below who are already subscribed to Arrow Academy’s Piano Maestro app includes:

  • Your choice of 2 Boot Camps
  • Tuition $90 ($60 + teacher planning and follow-up $30)

Boot Camps are new to Arrow Academy this year and created because of the amazing success classroom games have on learning and comprehension.  These 1-hour small group, interactive events focus on improving fundamentals such as note reading, rhythm, chords, or improvisation through fun and motivational music games. Boot Camps are designed by level of music proficiency and all instruments are welcome. Small groups of 2-6 students will rotate through 3 different learning stations (maximum of 18 students per camp).  One Boot Camp is included in all Training Packages and two Boot Camps are included in Cyber Force Training. Boot Camps are also available for purchase individually.


  • NOTES BOOT CAMP – note reading games by level (For all instruments and levels)
  • RHYTHM BOOT CAMP – rhythm games by level (For all instruments and levels)
  • CHORDS BOOT CAMP – chord games by level (For piano students, level 3 and up)
  • JAMMIN’ BOOT CAMP – chording and improv by level (For piano levels 3 and up; guitar & ukulele with instructor approval)


Students will be recognized with an increase in rank when achievements are met.

  1. Scale proficiency
  2. Theory exercises completed
  3. Song mastery
  4. Completion of 2 or more Boot Camps


  1. Private
  2. Lieutenant
  3. Captain
  4. Major
  5. General (add stars here)
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