Guitar & Ukulele Lessons

For Groups

Grade 3 and Up

At Arrow Academy of Music your young musician will develop a lifelong love of music in a creative group setting that makes music lessons fun and rewarding! Your student will be placed in a small group according to age and skill level. This team of students will learn and grow together, being motivated to practice consistently at home because they play with other musicians at each weekly 55-minute lesson. Your child will learn note reading, playing by ear, and music theory right from the start. Middle and high school students enjoy deep satisfaction continuing their learning to also include improvisation, creating their own music, and playing “popular” songs they know, all while being with like-minded friends. Your child will thrive with studio events such as the Amazing Music Races, performances, the incentive and shopping programs, and practicing awards. When your student completes the entire course, they will have the skill and knowledge to play pop, rock, jazz, or classical styles in a variety of venues. Academy of Music in the Des Moines area, making this a particularly unique opportunity to give your child.

Summer Session (Straight Shot): June-August

Course Duration: June 3 – August 8, 2019 with one performance included.

Group Classes: 55 minutes, on Mondays and Thursdays

Class Time: Arranged with your schedule along with other families in the group. Once class time is confirmed, it stays the same throughout the duration of the course.

Performances: One end of session concert for families and friends.

Grade: 3rd grade and up.

Skill Level: Beginners or students with previous lessons

Home Practice Commitment: 10 to 20-minute sessions two times each day, incrementally increasing with each higher skill level.

Cost: To be determined.  Tuition and materials fee due upon registration and non-refundable.


Arrow Academy Interest Form

Fall Session: August - May
  • Ages: 3rd Grade and up
  • Skill Level: Great for beginners and students with previous lessons


Group guitar lessons are conducted in 55-minute weekly sessions and arranged at a time that fits your and other families’ schedules. Students receive weekly practice sheets with specific tasks to accomplish, generally taking 15 minutes a day at home on their own, increasing to up to 30 minutes as they achieve a higher skill level.


Tuition of $99/month, plus one-time fee $129 materials fee due upon registration.  August tuition is also due upon registration ($228 total due upon registration). Includes:

  • 32 weekly lessons
  • 4 live performances
    • Fall Concert
    • Christmas Concert at local Nursing Home
    • Arrow Fest Ensemble Concert
    • Spring Concert at Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt

Registration closed August 1, 2018 and Fall 2018 classes are filled.

Thank you so much for being a part of our lives over the last 7 years. We never dreamed our children would learn so much and have so much fun doing it. Your kindness and the gift of music will live in our hearts forever. Many thanks.


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