Top 10 Reasons for Group Lessons at Arrow

10. Students learn to keep a steady beat.

Piano and guitar students traditionally play alone, and therefore have no reason to learn to keep a steady beat.  In a group, students play together and are trained to listen and stay with others.  This increases their musicianship immensely!

9. Students learn the art of knowing where they are in a song.

Another skill that group playing encourages is the ability to always know where you are in the song, finding your place even if you make a mistake. This skill speeds up the learning process by teaching students how to avoid the all-too-common start and stop, especially heard in beginning students.

8. Students are motivated to practice.

Motivation to be able to stay up with the progress of the group and not fall behind helps kids want to do the necessary practicing at home between lessons. Students also learn to correct their own mistakes by watching others. A good group teacher is trained to know how to assist students while they play – teachers can see where a student needs help, encouragement, or correction.

7. Lessons are well planned.

Well-planned lessons ensure that all the concepts for a year’s curriculum get mastered within the year.  We maintain a practical pace, yet we’re also able to make individual adjustments for students if needed.  Students are thrilled and encouraged that they know so much in such a short amount of time, and their progress is noticeable, rewarding, and exciting.  Excelling students are motivated with additional challenges and incentives.

6. Students are not afraid to play in public.

Our students enjoy playing in front of others. It is not scary since they do it every week! Plus they love the accolades from their listeners and the rewards they earn at the studio for sharing their music with others.

5. Students still receive individual attention.

For variety and individuality, students are given solos throughout the year. To prepare these solos, students spend time individually with their instructor.

4. Students experience being conducted in an ensemble.

Just like their friends in band or orchestra, our students learn how to listen to one another, follow the beat and directions of the conductor, and prepare for a performance as a team on a large scale in front of others.  Ensembles also give our students experience with technology, sound systems, and other aspects of a large production.

3. Our students excel and score very high in the National Guild Auditions.

Our students usually score very high in the National Guild Auditions. Students who follow our program are typically very skilled and successful.

2. 55-minute lessons allow time for games, activities, and friendships.

The group lesson allows time to play learning games and do music activities that help make the new music concepts stick. They laugh a lot and make friends very easily since class sizes are from 2 to 6 students.  We feel if the students love their lessons, musical friendships, and their songs, they will love music for life.


1. It’s FUN!!!!!

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